About us

    We are happy to announce that from now all the LiquiBurst hull cleaning machines go with integrated Debris Collection and Filtration systems!

    LiquiBurst Technology was designed to be applied for underwater cleaning works, carried out on commercial sea-going vessles with any type of antifouling (foul-release) coating.

    LiquiBurst is introduced to the international maritime business as a sole solution for underwater hull cleaning which        uses non-contact, low-pressure way of cleaning at speed of up to 3,000sq.m/hour.

     LiquiBurst hull cleaning is offered to shipping companies around the globe at same price rates as conventional hull cleaning with hydraulic brushes.


     The cleaning effect is based on the utmost precise use of hydrodynamics – local water destruction. This results in creation of vapor saturated jet in the outlet. Dozen thousands of steam caverns reach the surface and burst simultaneously. By virtue of the simultaneous and pointed burst of all the micro-bubbles any growth is easily removed from any surface without going into direct contact with it.


    LiquiBurst Technology, machines and parts are subject to Patent Cooperation Treaty in 149 countries. LiquiBurst Technology is available to shipping companies in different countries through USM Group and its partnering diving contractors around the globe.